東海道、歩いてみた ~Walking Tokaido~


Day 8 - Washizu to Okazaki -

  • 6:30

Woke up and checked a rain cloud radar. The rain is hard now, but the radar says that it will stop around 10AM. So I decided to sleep more.


  • 8:52

Woke up again and eat breakfast. This hotel serves buffet style, so I eat a lot.



  • 9:20

When I sheltered from the rain, I was talked a person and he was kindly to drove me to the next station, Shinshohara.


  • 10:22

Started walking from Shinshohara station. The Rain was stopped. I still have pain on my leg, but I feel better by using supporters.


  • 11:29

I found a drug store and bought Vantelin and a poultice, because I used the up. I apply a poultice on my shin. It’s amazing, because it relieves my shin pain very well.


  • 12:48

I found an interesting shop, Taisyo-Roman-Dining. I want to go, but it locates the other side of the road. I can’t find any crosswalk near hear…



  • 14:57

The traffic signal says this point is just 300km away from Tokyo! According to weather forecast, the weather will be cloudy. But sky is clear! Terrible!


  • 16:18

There are many fast food shops along this road, but there are no restaurants. Today, I don’t want to eat fast food, so I keep looking for restaurants. But I couldn’t put up with my hunger, I had lunch at a convenience store…
During lunch, I decide today’s destination, Okazaki. The reason why I choose Okazaki is there is a Public Spa near a Manga cafe. The location is perfect, because before I sleep at a Manga café, I can relief pain and recover at the Spa.


  • 19:06

Entered Okazaki-City. The scenery around Hon Post Town is beautiful.



  • 20:37

I felt shin pain again, so I took a rest at a convenience store. But there were many high school students and they were noisy. I had to finish my rest within 10 min.


  • 21:50

Had dinner at Yoshinoya, one of the most famous Gyudon restaurants. It is the first time to go to Yoshinoya during this journey. I’m so thirsty that I drink 6 glasses of water.



  • 22:22

Finally, I arrived at the Public Spta, Furo-ya. The spa was great, because there is a laundromat neighbour to it. After taking spas, I did laundry and go to today’s Manga café.


I can enter Nagoya-City tomorrow. It is just over 30km, so it looks easier than today.


  • Today's route


Day 7 - Iwata to Kosai -

  • 4:30

Woke up. I needed time to go to toilet, because of pain. I find a small blister on my left feet. Every health problem occurs on my left leg! This cafe provides breakfast for free, so I ordered it. However, They are changing cooking oil, so an hour is needed to cook French fry. I'd like to walk from morning, so I have to eat breakfast without it...



  • 5:00

Departed. It is sunny, rainiy season in this year has gone? I desire to reach Toyohashi, but there is roughly 50km. It's far, so I decide my initial destination to Hamanako-Lale. There, I will decide today's final destination.


  • 6:45

After passing Tenryu-River, I found a laundromat. Oh, the fee is 600 Yen. I used it and slept until my laundry finished.


The river has a good pedestrians walk. The last time I crossed the river, there was not such a nice sidewalk.


  • 9:35

Ate breakfast again. My body require vegetables, so I drink vegetable juice again and again. I hope vegetable juice would relieve my pain...



  • 13:45

I find a sleeping cat. I am heavily jealous.



  • 14:52

I walk a row of pine trees at Misaka-Post-Town. It's beautiful.



On my way to Hamamatsu, I found a drug store and I bought an ankle supporter there. It relieves my pain and helps me to walk.


  • 15:25

Entered Benten-Jima. Sunshine is strong. It's killing me...



  • 17:12

Arrived at Arai-Post-Town. the station is nice. There are many Japanese traditional houses. It is a fire department. Can you imagine?


I'd like to visit a museum, but it closes at 5PM. I wonder my final destination again. There is 20kim left to Toyohashi. It looks possible, but if I do it, my leg would be worse. So, I searched another accommodation. Luckily, I find a hotel at Washizu Station, Kosai-City, which is 4km away.


  • 18:45

Arrived at the hotel. It provided well-come drink service. After drinking it, I do research on my symptom of pain. It seems similar to Shin sprint. Rest can heal the pain. OK, it is difficult for a while...

I also search tomorrow's weather. It will be a downpour between 6AM and 9AM. I have two options, one is to wake up early and take a rest during the rain, the other is staying hotel until the rain will stop. I make my mind to decide which plans to take at tomorrows morning, because this hotel provides breakfast for free.


  • Today's route


Day 6 - Rokugo to Iwata -

  • 4:00

Woke up. I realize it's better to walk from mornings, because during daytime, sunshine and temperature get severe.


  • 4:40

Departed, but the sun has already risen. Today's destination is Hamamatsu, at least Iwata. there is about 50km to Hamamatsu, and 40km to Iwata. My knee is recovering, but my shin is still too painful.


  • 5:16

Arrived at Shimada-Post-Twon. I found a Jizo, which is a Guardian Deity of travellers and children, represents foot. I pray for recovering my leg soon.



  • 6:40

Passed Oigawa-river and take breakfast at a convenience store. I was amazed to see many people jog from early morning. For me, it's impossible to wake up early in weekends.


  • 7:14

Started climbing up Kanaya-Peak. google says to walk such an animal trail. I was hesiated to go, but I went. Thanks to my long pants, I can protect my legs from grasses and insects. Recently, I feel long pants are hot to walk during day time, but hey have an advantatge of walking bushed.



  • 7:59

Japanese roads are not kind for pedestrians. I got confused again around Yonaki-Ishi. Google says go, but a road signal says not. I thought and searched which way to go about 20 min. But it looks difficult to go this road, so I use a side road. Fortunately, the road is correct.



  • 8:24

Entered Kakegawa-City.


  • 9:44

Passed Nissaka-Post-Town.


  • 10:00

Arrived at "Michi no Eki" Kakegawa. It is Sunday, so there are many people. I take a rest and eat Tororo-Don(yam-bowl) as my luch.



  • 11:35

I was so sleepy that I walk with sleeping a bit. So, I take a rest at a convenience sotre and dring Red-Bull. Monotony scenery, no pedestrians, woke up early. Those factors made me sleepy.


  • 12:42

I felt strong pain on my shin, so I took a rest. I apply Air Salonpas and try to stretch, but the pain so severe that I can't bent my shin.


  • 15:09

Passed Chyudoji-Temple. This is the middle point of Tokaido. I felt I walked-only a half way of Tokaido. I remain long distance.



  • 16:10

It started a shower and my shoed and sockes got soaked a bit. I'd like to take a rest and dry them up. Luckily, after few minutes' walk, I found a convenience store. I stay at the eat-in space of the convenience store. I dry my belongings and eat light meal there. Once socks get soaked, I easy to lose my motivation.


  • 16:56

Entered Fukuroi-City. It started rain again. I felt pain on my knee, so I stayed at a GU(Cloghing shop) until the rain stops.


  • 17:25

I found a big hen. I have not been sure why he is there.




Entered Iwata-City. My pain on my leg was getting worse. From the city, I found many advertisement board written in Tagalog and Portuguese, not English. I guess it is because there are many car factory walkers from those countries.


I found a strange traffic sign, take care of Koalas. But I've never heard there are Koalas in Iwata-City...


  • 18:25

The rain is getting heavy. My ankle is getting worse, so I quit to go to Hamamatsu today. I decide to stay at Iwata-City.


  • 19:17

Arrived at today's Manga cafe. I clear my luggage up and threw away some guidebooks, T-shirts, towels and so on. I have pain on my leg, so it's better to reduce my belongings.


This cafe has a big problem. My room is at the 1st floor, but toilets are at the 2nd floor. I've never thought going toilet is so hard.


  • Today's route


Day 5 - Shizuoka to Shimada -

  • 7:00

Woke up. I was so tired that I slept the whole night. This place sloses at 9AM, so I take a bath again and prepare to depart.


  • 8:50

Depart from the public spa. The pain on my knee gets better today than yesterday night. My shin isn't well, and to make matters worse, it swells. The pain on my shin is so terrible that I can't move my ankle


  • 9:10

I have breakfast at the nearest Gust, which is one of the most famous and popular family restaurants in Japan. My body needs more calories!


From now on, I requently had lunch at Gust, because I found many Gust along the Route 1.


  • 10:30

I arranged to meet my senior at 1PM at a near car pard. I need to kill time before I meet him. My conclusion is just to sleep, because I feel so sleepy. I'm going to move to a Manga cafe to take a nap.


  • 13:00

I met him and he drove to a food court. Near Higashi-Shizuoka station, there are many new buildings, such as the station itself, a shopping mall and apartments.


  • 17:00

He drove me to Rokugo station at Shimada-City. I don't prohibit using cars, but I am ashamed to drive long distance, so I asked him to drop me off at the station, where is about 30km away from Higashi-Shizuoka station.


  • 18:12

Arrived at Rokugo station. I didn't walk today, so I have enough envergy to go to Kakegawa, which is 20km away from the station. But I decided not to walk to Kakegawa today, because there is Kanaya-Peak between the two stations. Crossing peaks in dark is dangerous, so I'd better stay here. At today's Manga cafe, I carefully massage and stretch my legs. Even more, I apply a poultice on my left ankle. I hope my leg to recover soon.


  • Today's route


Day 4 - Numazu to Shizuoka -

  • 7:00

Woke up. This hotel provides breakfast for free, so I eat a lot. Thanks to muscle pain reliever, my pain gets a bit well. Today, I double layer the socks as cushion for my soles.


  • 7:30

Depart! Weather is cloudy, but the weather forecast says it will be sunny soon. Today's destination is around Shizuoka station, because I'm going to meet my senior tomorrow afternoon. He lives near Shizuoka-City, so it's better meet him near Shizuoka station. According to Google, I have to walk at least 50km today.


  • 8:00

I planned to walk along Tokaido, but I changed my mind. I decided to go along Senbon-Kaido, because the route goes along Suruga-Bay. I prefer seaside routes. 


The route is like this photo. Weather got sunny, today will be hot. Izu-Peninsula is over there.


  • 10:30

Entered Fuji-City. I used Air Salonpas every time I get a rest. My knees are still good, but I have to walk long distance, so I needed to take care of my health.



There is Mt.Fuji, but clouds conceal it.


  • 12:11

Along Suruga-Bay, there are a lot of factories. From this time, I start converting my neck by towels from sunshine, because I had sunburn yesterday.


  • 13:04

I take lunch at the McDonalds' at Shin-Fuji-bypass and check my sokes. I see the mark of my feet in my shoes. I realized why I felt pain on my soles. I research accommodation places around Shizuoka station and find a large bathhouse, called Tenjin-no-Yu(public spa), near Higashi-Shizuoka station. It is an amazing place, because it has not only hot spas, but also provides sleeping spaces. I decide today's goal to Tenjin-no-Yu. About 30km is left. google says it will take about 6 and a half hours. I know Google's pace is fast for me, so I guess it will take about 10 hours. After three quarter hours' rest, I departed the McDonalds'.


  • 14:10

I found a road sign which says there is 350km to Kyoto



  • 15:20

Arrived at Kambara station. I'm not sure why there is a boad in front of the station...




  • 16:38

Arrived at Yui-Post-Town. Yui is famous for its shrimps.



  • 17:34

I passed the post town, but I'm confused because I can't find a sidewalk. Lond time ago, I passed this road and was confused how to pass this road, too. I found a footbridge over the highway(route1), but I have no idea how to get there. I looked for the path about 20 min on the Internet, but nobody mentions how to go there. To make matters worse, no one passed the road.


After additional 10 min, one bicycler passed me. I watched him, how to pass the road. According to his way of taking the route, pedestrians must cross the sideway and go straight. After that make U-turn and they can reach the footbridge. Hmm... Complicated.


  • 18:08

I'm confused again. I get lost again on how to get to the National Road 1. I walked inside of crash barriers, but the barriers suddenly disappera. Hmm, I have to walke a roadway even there aren't crash barriers.



  • 18:16

Finally, I find the right direction. It says red zone is for pedestrian. Route 1 near Yui is not walker-friendly.



  • 18:30

I saw Suruga-Health-Spa. I had felt tight on my left shin, but after several minutes, I felt strong pain on my left shin. I did first aid, cooling down, stretching and taking a rest, but the pain still remained. Higashi-shizuoka will be impossible, I thought. Anyway, I decide to go to Suruga-Health-Spa and I thing today's plan there.


  • 19:00

Arrived at Suruga-Health-Spa. My pace became very slow. 15km is left to Tenjin-no-Yu and it will take 4 hours walk to there. I consider staying at Suruga-Health-Spa and walk to Shizuoka station tomorrow morning or staying Tenjin-no-Yu and take a rest tomorrow morning. My conclusion is going to Tenjin-no-Yu, because no one knows what will happen tomorrow.


  • 19:37

Passed Okitsu-Post-Town. It got dark and temperature went down. It's more comfortable to walk in the evening than on day time, but I have strong pain on my left leg, left knee and both soles.


  • 21:00

I take a rest at a convenience store and drunk Red-Bull to relief my pain, but nothing changed. After 15 min rest, I started walking again. I am exhausted, so I walk like a zombie.


  • 22:00

I make frantic efforts to reach to Higashi-Shizuoka. I do some stretch on every crosswalk. I find another hot spa along the road. It appeals me, but I don't go there. I don't have any extra power.


  • 23:20

Finally, I arrived at Tenjin-no-Yu. Before arriving there, I had to walked a footbridge to cross Higashi-Shizuoka station. The hot spa is amazing. I take a bath for one and a half hours. I stretch and massage my legs, and get relaxed. After that, I fall asleep immediately.


  • Today's route


Day 3 - Hakone-Yumoto to Numazu -

  • 6:30

Woke up. I planned waking up earlier, but I overslept. I ate some bread for my breakfast.


  • 7:00

The third day had started. I'm climbing Hakone-Peak! Today's final destination is Fuji-City. If it is difficult, Numazu-City or Mishima-city would be today's goal. The weather is cloudy, but it's better than sunny for me, because I hate strong sunshine and hot weather. I used trekking poles to cross the Peak, Sometimes Goole says to walk narrow and minor roads like animal trails.


  • 9:50

I found the Odawara-side of the entrance of Old-Tokaido. The road is stone-paved, covered by moss and was a bit wet. It is slippery, so I have to concentrate on my path.

While passing the Peak, I suddenly felt strong pain on my left knee. The pain was so painful that I couldn't concentrate on my path, still more bent more knee. I used my trekking poles as crutches.


  • 11:24

Finally, I reached a good view point of Ashinoko-Lake. The pain on my knee is getting worse...


  • 11:36 

Arrived at "Michi-no-Eki"(roadside station which has famers markets, restaurants and so on) Hakone. Took a lunch and rest for a while. I ate Udon noodle and thought about my final destination of today. During that time, it started raining. I started waiting and shelter from the rain, because a weather forecast said the rain would stop soon.


  • 12:05

An old couple talked to me. They lived in Mishima-City and drove to Hakone for their day off. The reason why they talked to me was I was carring a big backpack. It seemed that I was a traveller. After talking for a while, they kindly drove me to Mishima-Taisha-Shrine.


  • 12:32

We arrived at Mishima-Taisha-Shrine. I thanked them. I got caught in a shower, but I took a look at the shrine.


The notice board said the small shrine is "Itsukushima-Shirne" which is the same name as the famous one in Hiroshima.


  • 13:30

The rain stopped, so I restarted walking to Numazu. This morning, I planned to go to Fuji-City, but it's just not possible. I had strong pain on my knee, but staying at Mishima is too early, so I decided to walk to the nearest big city, Numazu.


On the way to Nummazu, I find a drug store and buy muscle pain reliever, Air Salonpas there. I use it but my pain doesn't get well.


  • 14:35

Entered Numazu-City. I decided to go to Numazu station, because I thought there would be many shops.


  • 16:00

Arrived at Numazu station. I take a rest in a Manga cafe near the station and rethink today's plan. According to many sites, there are only few accommodations between Numazu station and Fuji station. I find a hotel near Numazu station where it provides breakfast and laundry for free. Soon I make a reservation at the hotel. On the way there, I bought a knee supporter and dinner at the station.


  • 19:00

Today's dinner is meat balls and begetable juice.


Shizuoka is famous for by eels' bones. I eat them to digest calcium. I hope they help my knee to recover soon.


Before going to bed, I research about the cause of the pain on my knee. It may be runner's knee. The website said that it's better to cool my knee down, so I will use Air Salonpas to coold down my knee tomorrow.


Around 11PM, I went to bed. I worry about my knee. I hope my knee will get well tomorrow.


  • Today's route


Day 2 - Atsugi to Hakone-Yumoto -

  • 7:00

Woke up. Ate banana for breakfast, and got banana for lunch by my senior.


  • 8:00

The second day started! The weather is sun shower. Today is not hot, lovely.

Today's destination is Odawara. I check my navigaton and find out I need to several hours walk to confluent Tokaido.


  • 9:17

Entered Isehara-City and took a rest at a convenience store. I am going to across Hakone-Peak tomorrow, so It's better to stay near Hakone-Peak as much as possible. I reseearch today's hotel, but I realize that deciding where to stay today at Odawara-City is better, because it's difficult to assume when I can reach Odawara.



  • 10:15

I'm following Google Map's navigation, but I felt danger, because the side way is too narrow. It's not big enough to walk even a person.



  • 10:24

I felt danger but I kept walking and entered Hiratsuka-City. I have still long way to Tokaido.



  • 11:30

I took lunch break in front of Kana-Garden, which is a garden run by Hiratsuka-City. There are many beautiful flowers at the garden.

Banana is one of the most important energy source of mine. I feel little pain on my sholes. I am not sure the effectiveness of my first aid, but I put a bandage on my soles aiming for relief pain. After a half hour break, I depart. The weather has got well, so it is sunny now.


  • 13:03

Entered Oiso-Town.


  • 14:04

Sunshine is strong, so I need to take a rest. I find a nice shrine named Rokusho-Shrine. I'm not sure what is deified for this shrine, but nice place to take a rest. I imagined I could dring water at shrines, because they have "Chozu"(where people wash hands and mouth before praying) and sometimes they also provide tap water. However, the shrine has only Chozu.


  • 15:04

Finally, I reached Tokaido. I didn't imagin I took such a long hour to reach Tokaido.




  • 15:24

Entered Odawara-City. The weather is sunny, sunshine becomes strong and temperature has got hot. It's bad weather for pedestrians.



  • 17:01

I took a rest at McDonald's in Odawara-City and thought about today's accomodation. Luckily, I find one guest house near Hakone-Yumoto station, but the check-in will close at 9PM. I wonder arriving at the guest house before 9PM will be possible or not. My options are two, staying at a Manga cafe at Odawara or at the guest house. I make up my mind I will decide which plan to take at the edge of Odawara-City.


I felt strong pain on my soles from then. I took a rest 5min each an hour and 30min each 3 hours. However, I sometimes skipped those breaks.


  • 18:00

Arrived at centre of Odawara-City. I decided to stay at the guest house, so I made a phone all and a reservation. I assumed that I would got tot the guest house about 2 hours, but they mentioned that ordinary people reached their guest house from Odawara station took one and a half housr...



  • 18:54

Arrived at Hakone-Yumoto station. It was getting dark.



  • 19:24

Entered Hakone-Town, 1km left. I feel a bit of pain on my left knee.



  • 20;05

Finally, I got to the K's guest house, today's accomodation. When I arrived at there, the sun had already set. The guest house is dormitory style, but has hot spas. Most of the guests there were foreigners, and in general they rarely use public spas, so I monopolized the spas. I had tingling on my neck, which might be caused by sunburn.


  • Today's route.